#FORBESAFRICA30Under30: Meet Cover Star ELSA MAJIMBO- ‘Chase That Bag, Until it Starts Chasing You’

Published 11 months ago

“RISKING YOUR JOB FOR 10 MINUTES OF SLEEP… THAT’S CALLED SACRIFICE…” says Majimbo, donning her iconic sunglasses. “If I get up on time then what is the snooze button for,” she asks, proceeding to crunch on a crisp, perfectly-rounded potato chip.

When you think of that Kenyan accent, the 90s-themed sunglasses, the potato chip, and the hallmark giggle, Majimbo immediately has you thinking “iconic”.

Just ask any one of her loyal followers on Instagram.

The Nairobi-born Majimbo, who spent her days playing chess and attending college, was not aiming to be an internet sensation with her laughter-inducing, pared-down vid- eos when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020.

“I made these videos to make myself laugh and then one day my friend told me that I had gone viral,” she tells FORBES AFRICA.

The videos became a sensation and Majimbo a social media star. Two years on, Majimbo sits with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

At this year’s Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa, she said: “Growing up, I always knew I would be iconic. I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew it would be done.”

Once Majimbo’s videos broke the internet, she immediately informed the journalism institution she was attending and dropped out; she did not even tell her parents.

“I think it was a relief for me because I always say this, I never like[d] school,” Majimbo says.


On set at the FORBES AFRICA 30 Under 30 photo- shoot in Gaborone in April, Majimbo’s energy was infectious.

“One thing people always get wrong about me though is that I am always happy. I have bad days too guys,” she laughs.

At just 20 years old, Majimbo has already graced the covers of Teen Vogue, Verified, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ South Africa. She has been featured in Maison Valentino campaigns and has won ‘entertainer of the year’ awards for both GQ South Africa and FORBES WOMAN AFRICA.

Currently, the young starlet is on her way “to make that Hollywood money” in her new home in Los Ange-
les where Majimbo’s short documentary, Elsa, will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in June.

“You’re going to see me on the big screen,” she promised at the summit.

When it comes to her millions of followers, she always ensures that she is authentic and inspires them to go after their dreams.

“Enjoy your life… it’s never that deep. People will try and discourage you and you can do whatever you want,” Majimbo says. “Chase that bag until it starts chasing you.”

Words and Curation: Chanel Retief
Art Director: Lucy Nkosi Additional
Research & Reporting: Lillian Roberts
Photography: Ilan Godfrey for Forbes
Videography and production: Timothy Pierson for Forbes & Chad McClymonds for Forbes
Video Editor: Chanel Retief
Styling: Katlego Magano of Oak Ave; Assistant: Tumelo Nkwe
Hair & Makeup: SnehhOnline Beauty; Thapelo Letsebe
Location: Image Lounge, Botswana and 2022 Forbes Under 30 Summit

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