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Vatican Pool Images 2024

The Pope Heads To G7 For First Time To Talk About AI—After ‘Balenciaga Pope’ Meme

Published 8 hours ago By Forbes
Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua; image by Jkay Photography1

Nigerian Cybernetics Pioneer On Vision For Africa-Centric Innovation

Published 1 day ago By Oluwatomisin Amokeoja

Apple Promises AI Privacy: Here’s Why It Claims Its AI Tech Will Be More Secure Than Competitors

Published 1 day ago By Forbes
Mount Kenya: One Of Africa’s Last Glaciers, Melting From Human-Induced Climate Change

‘The Global Need For Africa: The Right To Choose Is Here And Now’

Published 1 day ago By Forbes Africa
Los Angeles Economy

Paramount Global Shares Drop After Parent Company Ends Merger Negotiations With Skydance

Published 2 days ago By Forbes
Malawi’s Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested the country’s Vice President Chilima over corruption allegations in Lilongwe

Malawian Vice President Confirmed Dead In Plane Crash

Published 2 days ago By Yeshiel Panchia
Flying at Night From Airplane Window View

From Air Travel To Climate Disasters, A Reality Check For The World

Published 3 days ago By Rakesh Wahi
Amazon CEO And Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos  Speaks At Air Force Association Air, Space And Cyber Conference

Jeff Bezos Tops Bernard Arnault For World’s 2nd Richest Person, Behind Elon Musk

Published 3 days ago By Forbes

The Boy From Nima With The World On His Camera

Published 3 days ago By Peace Hyde
Israeli Authorities Announce Rescue Of Four Hostages From Gaza

What To Know About The 4 Hostages Israel Rescued From Hamas

Published 4 days ago By Forbes
Untitled design

The List: Purpose-Driven And Proudly African

Published 7 days ago By Forbes Africa
Musical notes in Benin; image supplied

Fashion And Cinema From Benin? And There’s More  

Published 7 days ago By Oluwatomisin Amokeoja
Storefronts And General Views Of Cologne

Microsoft’s Deal With Inflection AI Under Antirust Investigation, Report Says

Published 7 days ago By Forbes
Automated chicken farming greenhouse

Bird Flu (H5N1) Explained: Bird Flu Has Killed Dozens Of Dairy Cows In Multiple States, Report Says

Published 7 days ago By Forbes
Nvidia’s Stock Price Hits Record High, As Analysts Increase Their Outlook On The Company

Nvidia Tops Apple’s Market Cap, Becoming The World’s 2nd Most Valuable Company

Published 8 days ago By Forbes
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