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South African Minister Godongwana Delivers 2024 Budget Speech In Cape Town

South Africa’s Budget Speech: A Fiscal Reality Check

Published 3 days ago By Yeshiel Panchia
A Covid-19 Vaccination Site As Children Under 5-Years Old Become Eligible For Shot

Possible Long Covid Cause Identified: Suggests Protein Might Be Culprit—And Medication Might Cure It

Published 11 days ago By Forbes
Japan begins the third inoculation of COVID-19 vaccine

Covid Vaccines Linked To Small Increase In Heart And Brain Disorders, Study Finds—But Risk From Infection Is Far Higher

Published 12 days ago By Forbes
In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is

ChatGPT Can Now ‘Remember’ Users—Including Their Voice, Preferences

Published 19 days ago By Forbes
Chatbot ChatGPT

Did You Use ChatGPT On Your School Applications? These Words May Tip Off Admissions

Published 26 days ago By Forbes

Covid Hospitalizations And Deaths See Double-Digit Spike After Holiday — Amid Surge In Respiratory Illnesses

Published 1 month ago By Forbes
Netherlands Reimposes Partial Lockdown Amid Latest Covid-19 Wave

JN.1 Covid ‘Variant Of Interest’ Spreading Fast In U.S. — Here’s What To Know

Published 2 months ago By Forbes
Professor Benedict Oramah2

‘Exploring Uncharted Waters’: The Growth Strategist Turning Around African Trade

Published 2 months ago By Oluwatomisin Amokeoja
Daniel Diyepriye; image supplied

The Mission To Become Africa’s Luxury Fashion House

Published 3 months ago By Peace Hyde
In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is

OpenAI Exploring ChatGPT’s Potential In Classrooms—Despite Critics Saying AI Promotes Cheating, Report Says

Published 3 months ago By Forbes
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches the third pair of O3b

SpaceX Cleared For Second Starship Test Flight—After First Exploded

Published 3 months ago By Forbes
Palestinians taking shelter around Nasser Hospital live under difficult conditions in Gaza

Israeli Says Its Forces Have Entered Gaza’s Largest Hospital

Published 3 months ago By Forbes

‘Come Play’: Where African Stars Are In Demand

Published 3 months ago By Forbes Africa
Shell Posts Quarterly Profits

Shell Sues Greenpeace For $2 Million After Protest On Moving Oil Platform — The Latest Clash Between The Two

Published 3 months ago By Forbes
Vaccinations at Egoli Township as Omicron Cases Spread

FDA Approves Novavax’s New Covid Vaccine Designed To Protect Against The Latest Strain

Published 5 months ago By Forbes
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