Under 30: The South African Content Creator With The Right Moves

Published 2 months ago
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The milestone speaks for itself: it’s the 10th anniversary of FORBES AFRICA’S 30 under 30 list, and just like the honorees who have come before them, the class of 2024 too are driven by impact. Profits aside, it’s about achieving success with innovation, influence and individuality. They aren’t looking to fill big shoes but rather lace up their own and forge ahead with giant strides, leading by example and leaving an indelible path for the changemakers to come.

Words and Curation: Chanel Retief
Additional research and reporting: Nicole Pillay With inputs from: Oluwatomisin Amokeoja
Art Direction and Layout: Lucy Nkosi | Photography: Katlego Mokubyane | Photography Assistant: Sbusiso Sigidi | Studio: NewKatz Studio, Johannesburg | Styling: Deneal Van Wyk | Outfits supplied by: B Mashilo Designs, DFLO, Franc Elis, Ephymol and Preview Accessories | Hair & Makeup: SnehhOnline Beauty

How does one go from working nine to five as a software engineer to becoming one of South Africa’s most-beloved social media influencers? Just ask Chad Jones. Known for his quirky dance videos with his parents, he gained popularity on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. Scrolling through Facebook one day, he saw TikTok videos on the platform.


“I decided to download the app just to see what it was about. After a few hours of scrolling, all that popped up on my page were these short, catchy dances that looked fun. I created my account and asked my parents to join me for a [brief] dance,” he says.

Having convinced his parents to join in on his Gqom and Amapiano-style dances (even going as far as bribing his father with a PlayStation game in order to get him to participate), his family has become fan favorites. “Now people ask where they are when I post videos,” Jones laughs.

Almost four years later, Jones has forged his path as a content creator, and even has his parents on his payroll. “I pay them now. And they make a pretty decent amount of extra cash. Coming from [the] background I am from, it’s a wholesome feeling being able to do that for my family,” he says.