Driving Growth and Efficiency in Zanzibar

Published 15 days ago

Zanzibar Ports Corporation is redefining maritime activities in Zanzibar.

In Tanzania’s dynamic maritime scene, Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC) stands out as a light of growth and efficiency, driving the development and operation of critical port services in the area. Akif Ali Khamis, ZPC’s Director General, leads these activities, and his innovative leadership has catapulted the business to new heights of excellence. “At ZPC, our mission is clear: to develop and operate port services efficiently with the aim of promoting Zanzibar’s economy,” Khamis says. ZPC was established under the 1997 Act as a reaction to the changing dynamics of global commerce, switching from traditional cargo handling to containerization in the late 1990s. Since then, the corporation has been at the forefront of maritime innovation, orchestrating a holistic approach to port management.

ZPC – Akif Ali Khamis, Director General of ZMT

The Malindi Port, a key component of Zanzibar’s marine infrastructure, lies at the heart of ZPC’s activities. Originally built in the 1920s to service a population of 300,000, the port currently faces the needs of a rapidly growing population of about two million. Recognizing the need for growth, ZPC launched the massive Mangapwani Port project, which aims to alleviate congestion and increase capacity to meet rising market needs.


“Our aim is not just to operate facilities, but to ensure they operate efficiently and economically,” Khamis says, underscoring ZPC’s commitment to enhancing service quality while curbing freight costs. This dedication to excellence is evident in the corporation’s strategic partnerships, including the landmark public-private partnership (PPP) venture with Fumba Port. As Tanzania’s first fully private port investment, Fumba Port epitomizes ZPC’s ethos of innovation and collaboration.

Pioneering a new era, ZPC is primed to revolutionize port management through cutting-edge initiatives. As ZPC continues to push the boundaries of port administration, its effect extends well beyond Zanzibar, stimulating ecmionomic growth and encouraging international cooperation. With visionary leadership at the helm and a persistent dedication to quality, ZPC is well-positioned to manage the ever-changing currents of global commerce.