Tanzania’s Blue Economy Renaissance

Published 16 days ago
Jaffer Machano, Director and Co-founder of ZF DEVCO and Matthew VanderBorgh, Chairman & Co-Founder ZF DEVCO

Spearheading ferry terminal construction for sustainable socioeconomic growth.

ZF Devco stands out in Tanzania’s economic scene for its dedication to long-term development and transformational initiatives. ZF Devco was founded with a strong purpose to drive the expansion of Zanzibar’s Blue Economy and support the implementation of President Hussein Ali Mwinyi’s vision for the future of Zanzibar. ZF Devco is currently implementing the construction of a new Passenger and RoRo Terminal at Maruhubi, adjacent to Stone Town, Zanzibar. According to Jaffer Machano, Director and Co-founder and Chairman of ZF Devco, “Our fundamental goal is to grow Zanzibar’s Blue Economy, thereby improving the quality of life for its people.” This enormous project, carried out under a public- private partnership (PPP) with the revolutionary government of Zanzibar, exemplifies ZF Devco’s dedication to generating long-term development while safeguarding the  region’s natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural heritage.

Reflecting on the company’s major achievements, Machano highlights the successful acquisition of a Concessions Agreement for the ferry terminal project. “Securing the PPP agreement was a significant milestone,” he says. With decades of collective experience in PPP projects, Machano and his team bring unparalleled expertise to steer ZF Devco toward realizing its vision.


Matthew VanderBorgh, the co-founder of ZF Devco, emphasizes, “Our project aligns with seven UN Sustainable Development Goals, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.” By improving ferry infrastructure, ZF Devco not only stimulates economic growth but also encourages equal access to economic activities, environmental protection, and community services for all Tanzanians.

ZF Devco’s mission is consistent with bigger programs such as Silicon Zanzibar, which promotes technological development and industrial diversification in the region. “We aim to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering local communities and contributing to the long-term prosperity of Zanzibar,” Machano says.