Ghana: A Land Of Opportunity

Published 1 year ago

“We are a country where investments are secure and protected under a governance system. Ghana is ready for business and a land of opportunity for private capital and is creating a business-friendly economy.Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana

Located at the centre of the world where longitude zero degrees crosses latitude zero degrees, Ghana is a pleasant country where the sun shines bright and its music, dance and culture please the mind and soul. The country’s recently launched tourism campaign, “Destination Ghana”, invites visitors to explore this spectacular land with rich culture, heritage and welcoming people. Beyond its famed hospitality, Ghana offers a favourable investment climate with a stellar reputation as the largest foreign direct investment recipient in West Africa. “Ghana was the first country to gain independence in Africa,” says Philip Tieku, the Chief Executive Officer of Star Oil, one of the top four market leaders in Ghana’s oil industry. “The various ethnic groups in Ghana coexist peacefully, even when people try to raise ethnic differences. The peaceful environment is favourable for business. Every business wants to be located where they can be sure of the long-term outlook for their growth.”

Ghana has worked towards sustained economic recovery after the pandemic, and ranks as the best investment destination in West Africa and sixth best in Africa. The nation has created a favourable environment for investors to explore the nation’s vast opportunities with a dynamic economy upheld by diverse industries including agriculture, oil and gas and mining. In addition, its participation in the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) makes it ideal for investment. “The economy is very good for services, manufacturing, mining, retail, tourism, hospitality and many other sectors. Investors should be strategic and choose a sector that is ideal for them. Besides, Ghana has a high quality of human resources with a lot of local potential,” notes Charles Antwi-Boahen, Chief Executive Officer of Kab Fam. 


This sentiment is shared by Roberta Annan, the Chief Executive Officer of Annan Capital Partners, an international firm focused on building new businesses in Africa with its mantra “people, planet and profit.” “We’re blessed with natural resources and we just recently discovered oil. We have gold, cocoa and other amazing natural resources, but I believe the most important natural resource we have is our human capital. Ghanaians are very educated, very motivated, have morals and are generally more honest when it comes to doing business than other countries,” she says.

The Ghanaian government’s transparent, friendly and less bureaucratic administration is often credited for the successful operations of businesses in the country. Daniel Christopher Hesse-Tetteh, Executive Director of Harlequin, a company engaged in the mining industry and providing engineering services across a range of industries, describes Ghana as one of the easiest places to do business in Africa. “Many internationally renowned companies are setting up facilities in Ghana because it’s convenient for business. We have BMW, Toyota, Isuzu and a few other brands. As a nation, we should focus on developing the industry considering that we have a highly skilled population. We need to try to be less reliant on other people – work with them, but not be reliant,” he says. 

While Ghana is boldly pursuing its mission to attract investment, it also recognises the importance of sustainability and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Ghana is mapping its energy transition journey, and companies like Harlequin are pushing its agenda forward. Daniel Christopher Hesse-Tetteh, Executive Director of Harlequin International, states, “Our motivation is to move from oil and gas and enter industries where the future is good, such as renewable energy, where we can add value as a fabrication engineering company.” With the growing demand for energy and the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, the government is eager to tap renewable sources to diversify the energy mix.

From an investment standpoint, it is clear that Ghana has a multitude of natural and legislative endowments that lend to its investment capacity, including its ease of doing business, political stability and safety. Ramesh Sadhwani, Joint Managing Director of Melcom, states, “In terms of peace, Ghana is the place to be. The quality of living is higher compared to other West African countries. Here, everything is available.” On top of it all, Ghana boasts a transparent government that is working to create an enterprising atmosphere to foster innovative ideas that will lead to lucrative enterprises.

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