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In this photo illustration, the ChatGPT (OpenAI) logo is

OpenAI Exploring ChatGPT’s Potential In Classrooms—Despite Critics Saying AI Promotes Cheating, Report Says

Published 14 days ago By Forbes
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Electronic circuit. Communication network.

Synthetic Data As A Double-Edged Sword In Africa’s AI Revolution

Published 16 days ago By Forbes Africa
Einstein And Musk Chatbots Are Driving Millions To Download Character.AI

Character.AI’s $200 Million Bet That Chatbots Are The Future Of Entertainment

Published 1 month ago By Forbes
Voiceover artist voice actor in vocal recording studio with larg diaphragm microphone and antipop shield.

‘Keep Your Paws Off My Voice’: Voice Actors Worry Generative AI Will Steal Their Livelihoods

Published 1 month ago By Forbes
Photo Logo Illustrations

Spotify Will Translate Podcasts Into Other Languages Using AI

Published 2 months ago By Forbes
Hacker, IT and person with code on computer, programming and phishing scam with malware or virus. Hacking, system glitch and cloud computing error in dark room, cyber crime and cybersecurity fail

How AI Is Supercharging Financial Fraud–And Making It Harder To Spot

Published 2 months ago By Forbes
AI, Machine learning, robot hand ai artificial intelligence assistance human touching on big data network connection background, Science artificial intelligence technology, innovation and futuristic.

The AI In African Innovation Explained

Published 2 months ago By Yeshiel Panchia
E-commerce augmented reality marketing in supermarket mobile phone app AI artificial intelligence

This AI Startup Has Saved Grocers From Tossing Millions Of Pounds Of Food

Published 3 months ago By Forbes
Teamwork in metaverse with Cyber City skyline

AI Chatbots Are The New Job Interviewers

Published 4 months ago By Forbes
National Security Commission Holds Conference On Artificial Intelligence

Former Google CEO Warns AI Could Cause People To Be ‘Harmed Or Killed’

Published 6 months ago By Forbes
Pacific Islander woman wearing artificial technology mask

Clothing Entrepreneurs Can’t Wait To Fire Themselves As Models And Hire The AI Kind Instead

Published 6 months ago By Forbes
Robot sitting in office, working alone

Can Empathy Be Automated?

Published 2 years ago By Forbes Africa
TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019 – Day 3

This Startup Raised $17 Million From Investors Like Ashton Kutcher And Diddy To Take On Customer Service With AI

Published 3 years ago By Forbes
Young femal e engineer concept. GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Mauritius, South Africa & Seychelles Are In The Driver’s Seat Of AI Readiness In Africa

Published 3 years ago By Chanel Retief

Daring In Display And Design

Published 3 years ago By Forbes Africa
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