Ireland No Longer Visa-Free For South Africa And Botswana Citizens

Published 8 days ago
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Ireland has terminated visa-free travel from South Africa and Botswana, the country’s Justice Minister Helen McEntee announced yesterday. The application of the new requirements removes Ireland as one of the last visa-free travel destinations for South African citizens in Europe. This move comes despite the strong shared history of Ireland and South Africa, as well as the increasing annual trade between the two countries.

“The new requirements are introduced to bring Ireland into closer alignment with the Schengen Area and with the UK to ensure immigration controls are effective,” said Irish Ambassador to South Africa Austin Gormley in a video posted on the Embassy’s X account.

The decision, made just three years after visa requirements for South Africans were abolished post-Covid, is driven by a reported surge in asylum applications from travelers using South African passports, including individuals from Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This year alone, Ireland reportedly received 198 asylum applications from South African passport holders, highlighting concerns over misuse of visa-free privileges.


“A wide range of factors are taken into account when introducing visa requirements to ensure we can continue to facilitate travel with processes that are robust, effective, and fair,” said McEntee during the announcement.

Effective from tomorrow, July 10, the new visa requirements mark a significant policy shift. Transitional arrangements have been put in place for Botswana and South African passport holders who have already made travel arrangements, with the increased restrictions applying only to travel beyond August 9, 2024.

In anticipation of increased visa applications, Ireland has established an Africa Desk in Dublin to facilitate visa processing and diplomatic relations. Additionally, three new visa processing centers will be opened in South Africa by VFS Global, aimed at streamlining application processes and managing the expected influx of visa requests.

The economic impact of these new visa requirements is expected to be substantial. Visa-free travel previously facilitated a significant number of South African visitors to Ireland each year, contributing to tourism, business exchanges, and educational partnerships. With the introduction of visas, adjustments in travel patterns and economic relations between the countries are anticipated.


The ease of travel and cultural exchanges that characterized visa-free arrangements will likely be affected, potentially influencing investment flows and educational collaborations.

Despite this, Ambassador Gormley was at pains to make clear that the new requirements were not a reflection upon the relationship between Ireland and South Africa more broadly. “Ireland enjoys very strong bonds with South Africa and friendship… please be assured that the warm Irish welcome will continue to be there.”

South Africa and Botswana’s passport rankings are likely to be affected by these changes, influencing their citizens’ global travel ease. The establishment of new visa processing centers in South Africa by VFS Global aims to manage the anticipated rise in visa applications and ensure efficient processing.