An Enduring Commitment To Africa

Published 15 days ago
By BrandVoice Partner | Paid Program | Nolo Letele, Former Chairman, MultiChoice Group
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For nearly three decades, I’ve been fortunate to be part of MultiChoice’s journey, one that has been as intertwined with the development of African storytelling as it has been with the continent’s evolution itself. Looking back, the path has been filled with triumphs and challenges, each one a valuable lesson that echoes in MultiChoice’s unwavering commitment to Africa.

In this piece, I want to share some of these key takeaways, hoping they become guiding lights for future undertakings on the continent.

The power of stories from our backyards


From the outset, MultiChoice understood the strength of local narratives. We weren’t just distributors of foreign content; we were committed to fostering African stories, created by Africans, for Africans. This wasn’t just about showcasing our cultures on screen; it was about nurturing a sense of identity and community across a continent brimming with diverse voices.

Investing in local productions wasn’t without its difficulties. We had to navigate unfamiliar territory, from identifying and developing local talent to understanding the storytelling nuances across borders. But the rewards were far greater. Local content resonated with audiences in a way foreign productions never could. It sparked conversations, challenged perspectives, and fostered a sense of unity and pride.

This focus on local content remains a cornerstone of MultiChoice’s success. It’s a testament to the fact that audiences crave authenticity, and that stories that reflect their lived experiences have the power to connect on a deeper level.

Building bridges through innovation


Africa is a land of vast potential, but it also presents logistical hurdles. From remote locations to underdeveloped infrastructure, being able to reach every corner of the continent with traditional broadcast methods proved challenging. This is where innovation became our guide.

MultiChoice embraced technological advancements to bridge these gaps. The introduction of DStv, a satellite pay-TV service, was a game-changer. It allowed us to deliver high-quality content directly to homes, bypassing geographical limitations. As technology evolved, we continued to adapt, from offering mobile streaming services to exploring possibilities in the ever-expanding realm of digital entertainment.

The lesson here is clear: innovation is not just about staying ahead; it’s about finding solutions that address the specific needs of the people. By embracing technological advancements, we were able to not only expand our reach but also empower African audiences to consume content in new and exciting ways.

Stronger together rings true


Our continent is a tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. To truly succeed, we needed to foster a spirit of collaboration, working not just within Multichoice but also with partners across the continent. This meant forging relationships with local content creators, distributors, and regulators.

Collaboration wasn’t always easy. There were differences in perspectives, and navigating cultural sensitivities was essential. But through open communication and a shared vision of empowering African storytelling, we were able to build bridges and create an ecosystem that thrived on collective effort. The message here is that success in Africa is rarely a solitary venture. By working together, sharing resources and expertise, we can create a more robust and sustainable broadcasting and video entertainment industry that benefits all stakeholders.

The power of investing in people

At the heart of any successful organization is its people. Throughout my time at MultiChoice, I’ve always believed in the importance of investing in our talent. We strived to create a work environment that nurtured creativity, encouraged professional development, and celebrated diversity.


This investment paid off in immense growth. We built a team of passionate individuals who were not only skilled professionals but also deeply invested in the vision of a thriving African broadcast industry. Their dedication, resilience, and understanding of the local context were instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

The takeaway? Africa’s potential lies not just in its resources but also in its people. By empowering and nurturing local talent, businesses can build a strong foundation for long-term success.

The audacity to dream big

There’s one more lesson that stands out for me: the audacity to dream big. When MultiChoice began its journey, the African broadcast media landscape was vastly different. Satellite technology was in its early stages, and the continent’s infrastructure presented formidable challenges. Yet, we dared to dream of a future where African stories would be heard across the continent and beyond.


This audacity to dream big fueled our innovation and perseverance. It allowed us to see past the limitations of the present and chart a course for a brighter future. It’s a reminder that even the most ambitious goals can be achieved with a healthy dose of optimism, a willingness to take risks, and a relentless determination to succeed.

MultiChoice’s enduring commitment to Africa is a story of perseverance, adaptation, and a deep belief in the continent’s potential. The lessons we’ve learned along the way are not merely reflections of the past; they are guiding principles for the future. As the African broadcast industry continues to evolve, these lessons will serve as a compass, helping us navigate the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Together, we can continue to unlock the power of African storytelling and ensure that the continent claims its rightful space on the global stage.

About Nolo Letele:

Nolo Letele’s journey is a testament to persistence. After facing limited opportunities in apartheid South Africa, he built his skills in Lesotho before joining M-Net. There, his expertise was instrumental in turning DStv into a continental giant. His leadership extended beyond South Africa’s borders as he pioneered MultiChoice’s expansion across Africa, ensuring African voices were heard. This dedication to the continent’s media development was recognized through numerous awards, solidifying his legacy as a champion for African storytelling.

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