Empowering Female Professionals Through Support, Insight And Mentorship

Published 7 months ago

In a world that’s witnessing an inspiring surge of leaders and change-makers, women are breaking barriers, pursuing dreams, and making their mark across diverse industries.

As women continue to redefine their roles in the professional realm, the significance of mutual support and guidance can’t be overstated. Deirdre King, Managing Director (MD) of Jacaranda FM, recognizes the value of women uplifting and learning from each other, and fostering an environment where female professionals can thrive. Through her experiences and insights, King offers advice for businesswomen looking to make their own mark, confidently navigate the professional world, and ultimately, claim their rightful place in the workplace.

Empower Through Upliftment and Learning


King’s journey to becoming the MD of Jacaranda FM is marked by determination, resilience, and a commitment to supporting her fellow women. She emphasizes the importance of women empowering one another, urging women to uplift and inspire their peers. Through collaboration and encouragement, women can collectively achieve remarkable accomplishments that not only benefit individuals but also contribute to a more inclusive and thriving professional landscape.

The traditional notions of a ‘boys club’ and the ‘glass ceiling’ are challenges that women have encountered for years. However, Deirdre advises women not to let these distractions deter them from their goals. In the current climate where gender stereotypes are continually being challenged, women have every right to assert themselves confidently and claim their space in the workplace.

Deirdre strongly believes that women should let their accomplishments do the talking. “Your achievements are the true measure of your worth in the professional arena. The so-called ‘boys club’ or the ‘glass ceiling’ need not limit your aspirations or determine your trajectory. Instead, it is your determination, hard work, and accomplishments that should be the defining factors in your professional journey,” King shares.

Learning from Your Female Peers


Observing and learning from female peers can be a valuable source of inspiration and guidance for aspiring female professionals. King encourages women to seek out ‘natural mentors’ among their fellow women. These mentors are individuals who have successfully navigated their own careers, surmounted obstacles, and developed effective strategies for success. By observing their approaches and learning from their experiences, you can gain insights that may not be readily available elsewhere.

She emphasizes the importance of extending a helping hand when needed, whether it’s sharing knowledge, providing networking opportunities, or offering emotional support. By creating a network of mentorship and support among women, we can cultivate a nurturing and empowering environment where everyone can thrive.

The Power of Purpose-Driven Mentorship

Beyond seeking natural mentors, King highlights the transformative impact of finding a purpose-driven mentor. This isn’t just someone who offers guidance; they are individuals who can help shape your career with intention and meaning. She underscores the significance of aligning oneself with mentors who work with purpose. She advises, “Purpose is the driving force that creates a career; jobs are just moments in time.”


When you find a mentor whose purpose aligns with your values and vision, their guidance can be instrumental in shaping a fulfilling professional journey. Purpose-driven mentors not only assist in advancing your career but also in finding deeper satisfaction and fulfilment in your work. They can help you navigate the complexities of the professional world, offering insights that extend beyond the realm of everyday jobs.

As the MD of Jacaranda FM, King’s journey serves as an inspiration for women looking to make their mark in the professional world. Her experiences and insights emphasize the importance of women supporting and learning from each other. It’s crucial for women to uplift and inspire their peers, confidently claim their space, and let their accomplishments speak for themselves.

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