Serving Through The Art Of COMMUNICATION

Published 11 months ago
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Thami Nkadimeng continues to use her background in communications to make positive change and contribute towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. She continues to work with presidents, leaders, executives, corporates and organizations worldwide and has recently been selected as one of 2023’s Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent Under 40.

The quote that Albert Einstein is widely credited for is: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

How did Thami Nkadimeng get to be The Message Architect? Rather than spending the next few sentences writing about it, she suggests it would be better for all those reading this article to also watch her TEDx Talk I Used My Mind’s Theatre To Become on YouTube.


She says she would rather write about her gift, her purpose and calling and the method she uses to differentiate herself. Walking in her Message Architect shoes is a decision she consistently makes with intention. She speaks on topical matters concerning society at various meetings, conferences and events but says her ultimate duty is distinguished by how she treats these global platforms with respect to humanity and for the greater purpose of serving mankind. What does it take for her to achieve this? Well, step into her mind for a few minutes to understand, The Message Architect way:


She has come to learn that if something is intentionally complicated it is not for her to share. She is wired to make messages understandable by the majority. Often the more complicated matters are, the more sugar-coated the truth is too. The words used need to be understandable by all genders, races, age groups, especially on topics pertaining to consistency, fairness and justice of people across the board.



Everything is interconnected and in her preparation process, the consideration of the ecosystem alignment is imperative. Her role is to foster collaboration through her thought-processing and suggestions, playing the golden thread.


Research of the topic is absolutely and obviously imperative. However, research of the environment, its history including the culture, religion and other aspects that may contribute towards information consumption in that geographical area is of utmost importance. This has to be done with intention.



Understanding the objective of the gathering is key. Once the objective is defined, she uses her imagination and role play, visualizing the impact creation the stakeholders of that gathering could attain – that often allows the creativity side to join the scripting process.


The vocabulary used in the delivery of the communication through moderating, program-directing or hosting must allow the message to stand the test of time. Refrain from catch phrases that will last a season only – unless absolutely necessary. History dictates that change on matters that count for society happen steadily and she wants her contribution to be a baton that she can hand over to the next generation, not one that requires recreation.

If you pay particular attention to the first letters of each point you will begin to spell out ‘serve’. The biggest ask about being The Message Architect is to make certain that the manner in which she creates messages is not just for consumption for those in the selected audience but also for everyone else who will also hear it – often the ones who are not intentionally considered.


Did the waiter in the room understand? What about the person at the technical booth and the child doing their research from the recording of the event? Why? Because if all humanity begins to understand what we are working towards, then moving the needle will become simpler… not effortless, just simpler. She understands that education can help remedy many of the other issues and education never takes place in the classroom alone. Her calling ultimately is to serve through communications and architecting messages that educate people.



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