Andrei Zaitev of Qchain: Expanding The Crypto Universe With A New Idea

Published 11 months ago
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Looking at the path to success of Qchain founder, Andrei Zaitev, and what, in the end, led him to something more.

Well-known in the crypto community, Zaitev, almost from the first early years of the development of the cryptocurrency market, supported the industry in all available ways.

In an interview with Zaitev, many interesting points came to light, connecting all the dots of the past and illustrating what can happen when these dots are connected.


The Path

Zaitev has accumulated vast experience in many areas of activity. Here are just a few examples:

  • · Investing $100,000 in ether (ETH) cryptocurrency at the initial coin offering (ICO) stage
  • · Participation in the ICO Cosmos and non-public partnership in the field of sale of ATOM tokens
  • · He took an active part in the development and investment of the ARK blockchain project
  • · Investments at an early stage in the DMarket project
  • · Portfolio manager and financial advisor to more than 5,000 private investors with a total capital growth of more than 1,000%.
  • · At the ICO stage, he invested in EOS

Zaitev was at the origins of several unicorn companies, actively developed real estate projects in the Mediterranean, and provided financial and expert support to companies / startups in the early stages of development.

The analytical team that Zaitev has built around him focuses on the most promising sectors, including TradiFi and Web3.


Separately, it is worth mentioning blockchain projects that turned to Zaitev with a request to ‘create marketing departments and organize large-scale events around the globe and form a community around products’.

Some of them are listed in the Top 100 on CoinMarketCap today.

Problems were also appearing.

“Almost everywhere, be it real estate transactions or the operation of individual decentralized applications, the team faced various factors that made it difficult or limited to launch or fully operate products. You had to be flexible like plasticine and take on challenge after challenge.


Imagine you want to run a super-fast car on the Ethereum highway that the entire community is waiting for. You have everything to create and deploy a car, but there is one caveat–the highway is not designed for such a fast speed. We approached the solution of the issue more globally and saw the root of the problem. I’m not afraid of this word, of the entire blockchain industry,” says Zaitev.

And it is present, not only in the cryptocurrency market, but also in other sectors (real estate market, payment solutions, cloud storage and 10+ others). There are also many problems and difficulties inherent in this particular area.


Considering that Zaitev faced the limitations described in the previous section from his personal experience, more and more questions appeared in his head.


Thanks to the continuous work on solutions to emerging problems, there are “sprouts of ideas”, improvements, suggestions…. a certain general idea was formed, which gradually acquired fresh ideas and solutions to problems in various spheres of our life.

Further, this idea began to appear on paper.

Then MVP was created. Today, this idea is called Qchain.



“Our ideas have evolved into a full-fledged platform, we have started work on products that until now had no right to exist, but there is a place in Qchain for every bold idea.

This is how Qchain was born. This is how the Qchain blockchain is open to bold decisions,” says Zaitev.

Today, Qchain has already shown its viability.

Technical features and simplicity put it on a par with already well-known blockchain platforms, and, in many respects, Qchain is already ahead of its competitors:


· Ease of interaction with the blockchain–just install the QNode application on absolutely any device with an operating system

· 100,000 transactions per second–any online / offline business can launch its project without any restrictions

· Quick connection of a payment gateway for accepting payments for goods / services in cryptocurrency

Qchain is developing an EVM-compatible sidechain. A big B2B breakthrough is coming.

It is very interesting to watch the development of the project: the launch of new products, integration with third-party projects and teams, attracting startups using the grant system, new records for application installations, regular offline events with the participation of the CEO of the company, the launch of the ambassador program and much more.

These words from Zaitev are also worth sharing: “When the Qchain mainnet was launched, some people said: ‘No one needs your blockchain.’ When we showed our multifunctional nodes, some people said: ‘Who will use them?’

When the Qchain ecosystem began to grow with new projects, some people said: ‘No one needs your products.’

Now we have more than 90,000 installed nodes on all continents, and the number of transactions is approaching 10 million. Qchain is my ambitious project for everyone, which we want to turn into a unicorn in the cryptocurrency market. We have a plan that we are implementing and [one] which is acquiring new ideas. Explore Qchain today before it becomes a necessity tomorrow.”

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