A Beauty Brand With A Smooth Reputation

Published 1 year ago

Discover the beauty in this franchise opportunity.

This strong and consistent beauty brand, built up over 14 years is finally offering franchise opportunities. The brands’ track record speaks for itself, as the founders and branches have won business and beauty awards, including multiple Professional Beauty Awards, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Awards and EOHBC Best Business Award. The secret to The Laser Beautiques’ success? It’s a recipe that includes their obsessive customer service, results-driven treatments, laser-focused training academy, culture-driven business style, and a kickass marketing team that makes brand loyalty look easy.



Most South Africans are familiar with serial entrepreneur Ian Fuhr. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you will undoubtedly have heard of the franchise he founded, Sorbet, South Africa’s largest beauty chain. After franchising and scaling the business to over 200 stores, Fuhr sold Sorbet to Long4Life in 2017.

So what’s the connection between Fuhr and The Laser Beautique? Power couple Tzvia and Neil Hermann, founders of The Laser Beautique are working hand in hand with Fuhr. Fuhr is supporting and guiding The Laser Beautique to scale the model and make its mark on the hair removal and skincare industry. This new-age hair removal and skincare franchise is dedicated to ensuring their clients live smoothly ever after. Smooth is their game. They specialize in skin, permanent painless hair removal, and they know the industry like nobody’s business.


The Beautique Group was founded in 2009, with the very first laser clinic in a shopping centre environment. The first Laser Beautique launched with Africa’s first pain-free, permanent, laser hair removal that is safe for all skin types. Traditional laser technology was not safe for darker skin types.


As demand for laser treatments increased, demand for laser training increased and an even greater demand for high-tech lasers grew, hence Beautique Academy and Beautique Brands were founded. The Beautique Group has been the first to market with a plethora of ground-breaking tech.

To name a few:

1. Apilus, the first speedy and comfortable tech that permanently removes light, blond, red, grey, and white hair. Laser hair removal is only effective when treating pigment in the hair. Thanks to the Beautique group, South Africans can now say goodbye to all unwanted hair.

2. CooLifting, the first tech that combines hyaluronic acid and high-pressure C02 to hydrate and plump out fine lines and wrinkles non-surgically, no need for needles or fillers. It’s completely painless and a fraction of the price of an injectable and other similar treatments.


3. Beautique Academy was South Africa’s very first hybrid online and in-person aesthetic academy to offer postgraduate beauty therapists, aesthetic and laser training.

2019 saw The Laser Beautique launch their very own brand of laser technology for painfree, hair removal called BeauLase, and the first quarter of 2023 saw the group launch their very own skincare brand, TLB Scientific Skincare. This skincare brand can prove with a skin scan, that it strengthens one’s skin barrier as well as improves collagen production in the skin. This essentially slows down the signs of aging.


• Open a franchise from as little as R800k


• The Laser Beautique franchise model is owner managed

• The Beautique can build to over 1 million rand ($54,435) in revenue annually

• We typically see a return on investment in one-two years

• Franchise can be up and running in 90 days • We already have 11 successful branches


• 3-6 week client cycle


This is strictly an owner managed franchise opportunity available for entrepreneurs, beauticians or somatologists. It’s also a great option for existing salons or clinics who struggle due to lack of support.

Franchisees can expect to join a tribe of inclusive, talented, and dedicated women (mostly) who have formed a support network of note! They perform what they like to call “modern day magic”. There’s always support when needed, a mentor to help guide, and a friend to celebrate successes.

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